[Israel.pm] Testing problem

Jason Elbaum Jason.Elbaum at motorola.com
Mon Jan 5 06:53:51 PST 2004

Thomas Maier wrote:

> Thanks, it's very nice, but IMO I can make it shorter by
> passing straight forward some faked 'command' instead of new 
> subroutine 
> sub method
> {
> 	my ($self, $fake_command, @param) = @_;
>  	$pid = open $fh,"-|","$fake_command @param";
> 	$x = do something with $fh;
> 	return $x;
> }
> But since it's only for testing purpose, I would like to avoid from
> passing additional parameters to this method. Any idea ?

Obviously, you can make $command a file-scope variable, or member data 
of $self, if you prefer, and change its setting in your test method 
(perhaps using local).

Or you can write a fake open method, which will behave differently 
whether or not you're in test mode.

But ultimately you need a way to run method without calling the command, 
and that means being able to configure method externally. Whether you do 
that by an argument or a variable etc. is up to you. Example:

sub test {
     local $self->{COMMAND} = "test_command";


Jason Elbaum

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