[Israel.pm] purely hypothetical question

Yuval Yaari yuval at windax.com
Mon Jan 5 05:49:59 PST 2004

If I understand correctly, you want to embed Apache in Perl instead of 
embedding Perl in Apache...

First of all, it sounds like a nice idea.

Well, I am guessing that small companies don't really care - they don't 
get so much traffic to actually "feel" the affect of Apache on their system.
And big companies either rewrite apache, or give time to well 
configure/optimize it, AND probably need some of the features of Apache 
(mod_proxy, mod_rewrite - coming to think of it, even the smallest 
companies use them).

Anyway that's my guess for now, and Apache isn't problematic memory-wise.
To be honest, mod_perl is the actual memory hog...

Ending up chopping Perl down instead of Apache would be more effective, 

Just my 2c.


Scott Weisman wrote:

>i am basically do full-time perl development for web site applications. i use
>apache with cgi and/or mod_perl. i've had a thought cross my mind that i was
>hoping someone with another perspective or more insight could answer for me.
>since my application is 100% perl, and i just use apache for processing http
>requests, why even bother using something like mod_perl, which after all,
>embeds perl within apache. instead, my idea goes, take a finely crafted http
>engine (such as exists in apache) and request library (eg libapreq)
>implemented in c and EMBED them within perl. if all you're doing is using
>apache to be a front-end to perl code, why bother? it just makes the process
>more bloated, it creates issues for any perl code, since it's all running in
>an eval'ed environment, etc.
>as i said, it's just a hypothetical question, but one that has been bugging me
>for a while. maybe someone on this list has some insight into why it's a
>stupid or good idea?
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