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Issac Goldstand margol at beamartyr.net
Mon Jan 5 06:16:32 PST 2004

The whole point of mod_perl is a Perl port of the Apache C API.... The whole
point of the Apache C API is to extend the power of the core robust enine by
providing hooks to run your own code.  Thus the point of mod_perl (if you're
using handlers the way it's meant to be used) is to transform Apache from a
standard file-serving webserver into an application server customized for
your needs (if you customize everything, you could knock off huge amounts of
Apache code from each request cycle by short circuiting bits that you don't

Now, not to be insulting, it stands to reason that the good people at the
ASF have put a *lot* of thought into how to setup their callback hooks for
the modules.  Especially when one considers that almost everything in Apache
2 is a module - even the HTTP protocol layer.  However, if you're  that sure
that you'd get a better performance boost out of writing Apache into your
program, rather than writing your program into Apache, then go for it!  As
for the huge memory footprint, it's just the perl interpreter, and it'll be
there whether the Perl's embedded the in C, or C's embedded in the Perl.
And the Perl "issues" aren't really issues if you're using good Perl
programming habits (and even less of issues if you're doing mod_perl
handlers instead of Apache::Registry scripts)

Just my 5 agorot - hope no offence was taken, as none was intended

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> hello,
> i am basically do full-time perl development for web site applications. i
> apache with cgi and/or mod_perl. i've had a thought cross my mind that i
> hoping someone with another perspective or more insight could answer for
> since my application is 100% perl, and i just use apache for processing
> requests, why even bother using something like mod_perl, which after all,
> embeds perl within apache. instead, my idea goes, take a finely crafted
> engine (such as exists in apache) and request library (eg libapreq)
> implemented in c and EMBED them within perl. if all you're doing is using
> apache to be a front-end to perl code, why bother? it just makes the
> more bloated, it creates issues for any perl code, since it's all running
> an eval'ed environment, etc.
> as i said, it's just a hypothetical question, but one that has been
bugging me
> for a while. maybe someone on this list has some insight into why it's a
> stupid or good idea?
> thanks,
> scott
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