[Israel.pm] Are there going to be any Perl courses before/after YAPC 2004 ?

Yossi.Itzkovich at ecitele.com Yossi.Itzkovich at ecitele.com
Mon Jan 5 02:24:25 PST 2004

Many question...
I guess each one will want to see courses in his/her level.
Perl Internals
Inline and similiar modules
Writing libraries and modules


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On Sun, 4 Jan 2004 Yossi.Itzkovich at ecitele.com wrote:

> I  don't know, but I do know that I enjoyed MJD's courses very much last
> year !

MJD will not (most probably) come this year. I hope he
decides otherwise. Of course, we'd be delighted to have him
over again for a course (the same one, or even a new one).

Still -- say we end up having a course available, what would
you be interested to see there? What topics? At what level?
For what audience? How many hourse?

Shlomo Yona
shlomo at cs.haifa.ac.il

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