[Israel.pm] Are we open source advocates ?

David Baird david.baird at homemail.com
Sun Jan 4 02:17:09 PST 2004

Written by: Gabor Szabo
> Well we are Perl Mongers and not Open Source advocates. 
> Some of us might be both but that's only a coincidence.

I am not an open source advocate. There is a place for open source, and
we work with open source code when applicable. However, I don't
encourage anyone to include open source code (especially under the GPL)
in their projects. If someone wants to contribute to an open source
project, well hooray! I think it costs just as much (if not more) to
work with an open source project rather then build a project on
purchased, licensed, and supported code.

Perl is an exception and exceptional. It is very easily integrated into
open source and commercial projects without violating the license. I
think that comparing Perl to an open source project like Linux is like
apples and oranges. 

Written by: Offer Kaye
> I think I have to partially disagree with you Gabor, I 
> think the second you released your first Perl module under
> some open license you became an Open Source advocate.
> However I agree our *focus* is Perl, not Open Source.

Personally, I have never contributed to the Perl language or CPAN. I'm
not sure I have anything of value to offer, as I mostly write scripts. I
have posted my product specific scripts to the public, but they are only
of interest to about 100 people in the whole planet. Because I made four
scripts written in Perl freely available, does that make me an advocate
of open source? Of course not. It simply makes me a show off, and expose
myself to criticism.

Written by: Gabor Szabo
> My point is that we use whatever helps us to get our job done.

And that is the intent of Perl, to get the job done, with no strings
attached. It doesn't require us to advocate open source.


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