OpenOffice Presentation [was Re: [] YAPC submissionsguidelines (light!)]

Offer Kaye oferk at
Sun Jan 4 00:12:37 PST 2004

> Well we are Perl Mongers and not Open Source advocates. Some of us might
> be both but that's only a coincidence.

I think I have to partially disagree with you Gabor, I think the second you
released your first Perl module under some open license you became an Open
Source advocate. However I agree our *focus* is Perl, not Open Source.

> You are always welcome to volunteer and to actually help Shlomo in taking
> the presentation materials people send to him in some format and then
> turn it to the format required by the prointing shop. Please be in
> touch with Shlomo privately (!) regarding what exactly has to be done.
> Gabor

Shlomi, please send me you presentation ASAP to
at (no spam)

and try to convert it manually to PowerPoint.
To the rest of the list, if you send me your presentation enough time in
advance I'll see about converting it.
Here, "enough time in advance" depends on the presentation length and on how
much time I can devote to YAPC::IL::2004, so the sooner you can submit your
presentation the better.

Offer Kaye

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