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Sat Jan 3 08:21:14 PST 2004

Hi all!

On Monday 29 December 2003 08:57, Shlomo Yona wrote:
> Hello,
> YAPC submission guidelines:
> I was giving lightweight guidelines to some people
> approaching me offlist and then I got a good advice from one
> of them to post them on the list:
> For the YAPC presentation itself (when you actually talk to
> the audience):
> I suggest you have some HTML version of your slides for the
> sake of compatibility (try it on IE and on Mozilla to be
> sure it looks like you want it to look like even if you end
> up presenting on someone else's laptop). I suppose that a
> PowerPoint format is also good as long as you make sure it
> doesn't use the most advanced features and that it is not
> saved in the most advanced format -- again, for the sake of
> compatibility when you end up running it on someone else's
> laptop.

PowerPoint? I prepared my Template Toolkit presentation using OpenOffice 1.1.0 
on Linux. I converted it to PowerPoint, but it seems some of the effects were 
screwed up. What I can do is either:

1. Assume that one of the laptops or the presentation computer at the 
Inter-Disciplinary Center will have OpenOffice. (can I? Anyone here?)

2. Convert it to PowerPoint a few days before the event and fix everything 
that is broken manually.

Generally, I think it is ironic that open source advocates like us do not 
accept the most common open source presentation tool for our own conference. 
For my other, larger presentation about LM-Solve, I have no problem because 
it was written from the grounds up as HTML.


	Shlomi Fish


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I don't believe in fairies. Oops! Another fairy died.

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