[Israel.pm] YAPC. The good, the bad and the ugly

Yaron Golan yarongo at mercury.co.il
Sun Feb 29 01:00:05 PST 2004

Hi all,
First, I'd like to thank Gabor and the rest of the organizers.
The organization was much better than last year.
The fact that all the rooms were in the same building, was very considering.
Especially for a lazy guy like me...

I think that the registration went very smooth, part of the time I sat with
Ofer or Shlomo so I can tell.
The refreshment were tasty, the staff tried to please us all the time.

I can only tell about the ones I participated.

1. Bye bye EEK - Ran gave a great presentation, with relevant examples, it
was obvious that the knows issue inside out.
2. System monitoring (Martha) - Besides the fact the there is a utility
named 'mon' written in perl, I didn't find any relevance.
I expected that the lectures will be more perlish, not general info.
3. Harnessing the power of the web with LWP(Nadav) - Same. I didn't come to
learn about the Internet, I came to see how I can use perl for it.
4. Writing web applications with perl (Issac) - Great one.
Although I wasn't interested in some of the topics mentioned, I really
enjoyed it.
It had a begging, body and a summary. 
This is the way a lecture should be like !
5. Managing the version of perl (Elliot) - Great one as well.
That man knows how to lecture.
It was passed smoothly, with very calm presenter that gave me the feeling
that this issue had been prepared as it should be.

End of the conference:
I guess Ran E. is right.
After a full day of lectures, the people are tired.
The gifts spreading were quite a mess, and we just wanted to go home.

Bottom line:
I really enjoyed it.
Maybe next year I'll try to give a lecture myself.

Have a nice day.

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