[Israel.pm] YAPC Feedback

Ran Eilam eilara at cortext.co.il
Sat Feb 28 22:40:46 PST 2004

Hey all.

Oh, it was great fun all right. As always, meeting new people
overshadowed any technical benefits. Cannot wait till next year. Mucho
gracias to the organizers. Incredible that we all got books probably
more expensive the conference costs! Here are some things I learned:

* Next time appoint a volunteer to bring erasable markers, laser
pointer, and one of those nifty memory sticks. Asking the crowd for a
marker is embarrassing.

* Perl silliness is a big hit: everybody LOVED the Golf talk, even
though it just skimmed the surface of that vile universe. Next time do
more talks from Perl culture.

* Most people did not understand a thing from the Aspect talk. Next
time, post requirements. Cannot grok AOP if you don't grok GOF patterns.

* Make sure presentations running on your laptop actually run, the day

* Next time appoint a time keeper, and sync talks between rooms.

* I ran into many Perl beginners. Next time do a track for them, even
though it is no fun for the speakers who want to talk about the latest
and greatest stuff. Cannot answer questions about what is C<@_> in an
AOP talk.

* Must do something more interactive than a talk. A day full of only
talks is boring. We talked about this on the list and people were not
very interested. Must do experiments with mongers before next YAPC.

* You get very little feedback as a speaker from people who saw your
talk. Without feedback, there is no feedback loop, thus no improvement.
Maybe setup a special meeting for feedback between speakers next time.
Or feedback cards.

Thanx to all who participated, 

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