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Yuval Kogman lists at woobling.org
Thu Feb 26 15:27:45 PST 2004

Hi all...

I had a wonderful time, really, the best i can remember in a long

I do have some comments, though.

I think the time table needs to be just a little bit stricter -
lecturers should have been bugged occasionally, to make sure they are
aware of the time. I was interested in the LM-Solve lecture, but saw
Shlomi leaving mine 5 minutes before I was done, so I assumed i was too
late. Then, 5 minutes into the next lecture, Shlomi invited people to
come to his lecture, but no one went out, I guess out of politeness
towards Dov, even if they did want to go to LM-Solve (btw, I'm not
implying that the gtk talk was no good, i enjoyed it very much!). Had
there been a 5 minute pause between the lectures (that is, a 10 minute
one in the schedule), to make sure they are begun synchronously, you
would have two minutes to take out your schedule, remember which talk
you wanted to ear, find the room and get there, without barging into the
lecture after it had begun.

Another talk that was hurt by the schedule was Mikhael's AI talk - lots
of the examples at the end were overviewed in a hurry, but could have,
and probably were supposed to have been explained more deeply. The talk
began around 15 minutes behind schedule, but was also delayed due to
some microsoft problems.

Another thing was the proceedings' documents. I would have modified some
of my lecture slides had I known in advance that they were not going to
be printed. Additionally, my lecture title was quite unclear, and the
synopsis was only viewable in the online version of the schedule. Most
other talks had more explanatory titles, but i just couldn't come up
with one for mine. Anything reasonable came out too long, and shorter
stuff were just as vague, and didn't even try to be amusing. I think
having the proceeding's docs handy, people could have made a more
knowledgeable decision, and gone to Nadav's lecture instead (or
interrupted Itzik in the middle ;-). 

Aside from that, I couldn't be happier. The audience was terrific, and
though I usually don't enjoy being looked at, i did not feel
uncomfortable standing there. The people, not as an audience were also
one of the nicest batches of folks I have ever had the pleasure of

All the talks I sat in were superb - the effort really showed, and the
only point where things did not go so well was the lightning talks
- they were rushed, and it was no fun having Gaal's talk (first or
second?) get cut in the middle, nor was it easy to keep up with Shlomi's
rate of speech.

The Dinner+BOFs was the a very pleasant social event, and I am only
sorry that not more of you made it.

The location was also nice - travelling to haifa is not trivial if
you're coming from where I did. I also must note that the facilities
were also nice - there were no technical difficulties - most lectures I
see, at least in the first one of a day, many precious minutes are
wasted on people huddling around the projector, trying their individual
theories as to what the projector might like, each in turn, while the
rest lose their concentration and serenity, sitting, waiting for the fun
to begin. Either thanks to the IDC staff for keeping things in good
shape, or the organizers and volunteers for checking first.

Lastly, and possibly mostly, I'd like to thank and commend the
organizers for doing a wonderful job, and especially Gabor, who not only
tolerated my late talk submission, but can also be blamed for most of
the motivation I eventually had to give it.

That's all, and I really hope to see you all next year, as well as
[finally], in the Israel.pm monthly meetings. Sorry for writing so much.

Ciao ciao!

Though the slides and sources are not properly arranged yet, you can get
the proceeding's document from
http://nothingmuch.woobling.org/YAPC/Israel/2004/objstink. I would be
very grateful for positive feedback, as I have never given a lecture,
and I feel that many conclusions are waiting for someone who'll point
them out.

Anybody from the keysigning BOF who wants to get email encrypted by
default, or is considering it, try to get yourself a PGP/MIME compatbile
client. I set up an FAQ a while ago, http://openpgp.woobling.org, which
has some links for various OSs, reading material, and perhaps even some
culture. You are also encouraged to find a solution to perl.org.il's
mailman - it injects the banner in the multipart/signed, instead of
wrapping it in another multipart, and appending there - if you know
mailman, i encourage you to sign your messages, so that you can be
blamed later, when we meet in court. ;-)

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