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Thanks for the detailed answer.

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>Is there a way to get split()  to return the delimiter too ?
>For the string  "deabcamn" , and using the delimiter "a" , I want to get :
>qw(de abc amn).
Depending on what you want to get, there are two ways:

If you want the delimiter to be attached to the strings (as in your
you need a "zero-width positive look-ahead assertion" as explained in
   perldoc perlre
(search for the string "ahead").  For your example, I just typed into
the shell:
perl -we '@res=split /(?=a)/, "deabcamn"; print "@res\n"'
The result is:
de abc amn

Another option is explained in
  perldoc -f split
(search for the string "parentheses"): You get the delimter as separate
elements of the output list.  For example,
perl -we '@res= split /(a)/, "deabcamn"; print "@res\n"'
de a bc a mn

Of course, in both cases the delimiter can include variable elements
like . or \S,
so the results can contain information that you want to process.


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