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Yosef Meller mellerf at netvision.net.il
Thu Feb 19 03:08:08 PST 2004

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Scott Weisman wrote:
|>It's true, windows 98 sucks. Deeply. The only sollution for making it
|>better is rewriting it in Finnish (he he). But there's one "killer
|>application" that keeps me on it - it's called QText 8, and it's
|>definitely the best Hebrew word processor on the face of this Earth
|>despite getting old and lacking in features.
| Does WINE support Hebrew Windows? Perhaps you could chuck that last
vestige of
| cruft? I myself admit to having a Win 98 partition on my primary
computer (a
| Thinkpad x20 -- highly reccomended). However, I *never* use it. Well,
I use it
| for BIOS updates, but that's *it*!

Wine hardly supports itself, sad to say. I've actually managed to run
QText on wine but couldn't make the letters show in any font.


| In fact, many developers and software shops are just as likely to consider
| Perl 6 a whole new language. If they do, they might then evaluate Perl
6 that
| way and give equal consideration to other languages as well. They might be
| just as likely to migrate to Python or Ruby, in that case! Did you
| that possibility?

I consider it a new language already. You kinda have too since it's
going to completely break backwards compatibility.

|>1. Although perl 5 has a lot going for it, and a lot of users who will
|>find it quite hard to move, this should not be a deterrant from starting
|>a (possibly slow) move in the right direction.
| There is NO move right now since there is no Perl 6 at all, even a buggy
| implementation, to use.

Actually, there is a buggy implementation, distributed with parrot, it's
on CPAN. http://search.cpan.org/dist/parrot-0.0.13/

|>3. Abandonware will happen. We can afford it.
| Too simplistic to apply to this case. Apache 1.3 was not abandoned
after 2.0
| came out, and won't be for a *long* time, even after mod_perl 2.0 is
| released. A new Linux 2.0.x kernel was just released (!).

I was referring to CPAN modules.

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