[OT] Qtext and linux (was: Re: [Israel.pm] Perl 6 Critique)

Moshe Kaminsky kaminsky at math.huji.ac.il
Wed Feb 18 22:23:00 PST 2004

+ Yosef Meller <mellerf at netvision.net.il> [19/02/04 00:54]:
> better is rewriting it in Finnish (he he). But there's one "killer
> application" that keeps me on it - it's called QText 8, and it's
> definitely the best Hebrew word processor on the face of this Earth
> despite getting old and lacking in features.


I had the honor to work with the guy who wrote Qtext (Itzhak Mintz), and 
I tried to convince him to release the source. At that time I discussed 
it with people on the linux-il list, and there where some who were 
willing to do porting for linux. Eventually, I don't know for what 
reasons, he decided he won't release it. But it seems that he is at 
least willing to consider it. So maybe if enough people ask...


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