Tar and feathers reply (was: Re: [Israel.pm] I have very large and flameable question ;))

Omer Zak omerz at actcom.co.il
Wed Feb 18 12:21:18 PST 2004

I am not going to attend this year's YAPC due to unrelated reasons.  But
if I were to attend it, I'd be tarred and feathered due to the following
response.  This is even though I follow the perl at perl.org.il mailing list
and read with interest the philosophicalizations which go into Perl 6

My response:
I used to work with Perl, and switched to Python, and am happy with it.
If your boss uses Python, he knows what he is doing.  I'd insist too if I
were in his place.

My suggestion is that you do learn Python.  And learn other languages and
technologies as well.  Cultivate the wisdom of knowing which language/tool
combination is the best for each module of a project (taking into account
all engineering, training and maintenance tradeoffs).  Don't limit
yourself to a single tool/environment.

If you MUST do Perl for the good of your addicted neurons, then study both
CPAN to the last module, and the Python packages - and whenever you find
something not supported by Python but supported by Perl, then do that part
of the work in a Perl script (invoked by a Python script which does the
rest of the work).

P.S.:  Congratulations for your new job and I wish you success with it.

On Wed, 18 Feb 2004, Kfir Lavi wrote:

> I'm starting with perl, and in my new job i have a lot of perl scripting
> work.
> Now all the company are Python'ists.
> My boss want me to work in Python, and i want Perl.
> I don't know python.
> My boss worked with perl about a year, but he is very fund of python.
> Can i convince him that perl is the best?
> Do you have any suggestions?
                                             --- Omer
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