[Israel.pm] Unlink v/s deletion

Srikanth Madani srikanth.madani at vodafone.com
Mon Feb 16 04:12:30 PST 2004


I wanted to not use the rm command (not to make the program OS independent,
just to make it $PATH independent!), and so, used the following code:

my $deleted = unlink ('$fifo_dir/$pipe');
#I also tried to chdir to $fifo_dir, and pass just $pipe to unlink.
if (!$deleted) {
	print "\n$0: Fatal error: Unable to unlink pipe $pipe in directory
	exit 1;

And it doesn't delete it.

The file I'm trying to unlink is:

naxos3!ccmn:~/fifo [113]> ls -lgo done.build.mnb360.4mng
prw-rw----   1       0 Feb 13 03:33 done.build.mnb360.4mng|

I run the script as owner of this pipe. If I use the
	system qq(rm -f $pipe);
it works fine.

What am I missing? I'm using Perl 5.005_03 on SunOS 5.8.


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