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Is there any performance penalty using the wrong syntax ?

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>I know that: @array[$y]=8; should be written as: $array[$y]=8;
>But  what is really happens when I write it as in the first example ?
@array[$i1,$i2,$i3,...] is an abbreviation for the list ($array[$i1],
By the way, the @hash{$k2,$k2,$k3,...} is an abbreviaiont for the list
This feature is called "array slices" (or, respectively, "hash slices")
and is occasionally very useful.

Thus, @array[$y]=8 means ($array[$y])=(8); because the left hans side is
a list, the
right hand side is evaluated as a list (one element: 8).  In the end,
you get the same result
as $array[$y]=8.

>Why @array isn't modified ?
I tested that on my perl and @array[$y]=8 really changes the list @array.

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