[Israel.pm] addison wesley books

Scott Weisman sweisman at pobox.com
Sun Feb 15 01:22:54 PST 2004

The Web Wizard's Guide to XML	
ISBN: 0-201-76990-5

XML and SQL: Developing Web Applications	
ISBN: 0-201-65796-1

SQL Queries for Mere Mortals: A Hands-On Guide to Data Manipulation in SQL	
ISBN: 0-201-43336-2

Practical SQL Handbook, The: Using SQL Variants, 4/E	
ISBN: 0-201-70309-2

Understanding Web Services: XML, WSDL, SOAP, and UDDI	
ISBN: 0-201-75081-3

Perl Medic: Transforming Legacy Code	
ISBN: 0-201-79526-4
(according to the site, this is available 10 march, but perhaps they have a
pre-release copy available)

The Web Wizard's Guide to DHTML and CSS	
ISBN: 0-201-75834-2

Real Web Project Management: Case Studies and Best Practices from the Trenches	
ISBN: 0-321-11255-5

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