[Israel.pm] Good Looking Graphs with Perl?

Yuval Yaari yuval at windax.com
Mon Feb 9 02:33:52 PST 2004

Of course.

Their website has examples, sample code, and the perldoc has all the 
information needed.
It looks fancy enough for me.

One thing about their samples (and Gabor's presentation on Thursday): 
they don't use strict!!!

As for installation:
perl Makefile.PL && make && su -c 'make install'

Went smooth BUT it's not as good as it sounds.
I didn't have GD (well, I did, but I installed a new perl release since 
getting it) and it didn't tell me anything.
But I figured it out.

GD didn't install well, because (even though the cpan shell/errors do 
not imply this) you need libgd 2.0.2 (I had 1.8.4), which required me to 
also install a newer version of freetype2.

Anyway, since I am used to installing these kind of things, I'd say it 
went ok.
The module doesn't seem to slow my scripts down, my bottleneck comes 
from the DB (I generate a graph from DB data).

Generally, I think it looks better than the modules I've seen on CPAN.


Shlomo Yona wrote:

> [...]
>Can you write a few words about the installation (how it
>went, what were the dependencies...), and a code snippet to
>demostrate it?

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