[Israel.pm] Re: Another newbie question - Hashes

yuval at windax.com yuval at windax.com
Thu Feb 5 15:44:29 PST 2004

> Sorry for the delay in replying, I get this list in digest form and
> therefore it takes a while for me to see messages.

No need to be sorry.

> Well, yes, that's how I usually do code it, but bear in mind that the
> code does work anyway with just / / - it would add the extra spaces to
> the beginning of the value stored in the hash. Probably not what you
> want, but then again maybe it is, depending on the application..

I usually wouldn't want the spaces...
As I (think I) claimed, the /\s+/ is for catching cases like:
Key    Value After Multiple Spaces.

Not only there's more than one way to do it, there are TONS of ways to do it.


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