[Israel.pm] How to make an executable

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U can always use http://www.indigostar.com/perl2exe.htm

To make executable. 


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Abhishek jain wrote:
> I want to make an windows executable .exe from perl code. But 
> I do not know how to do so. 

We are very satisfied with PerlApp from ActiveState. You must purchase
the Perl Development Kit to use it. It is available on Windows, Linux,
HP-UX and Solaris. It handles GUI vs. command line and handles modules,
including those you may dynamically load in your script. It can create a
completely independent executable, one which relies on a Perl DLL, one
which relies on modules, or one which relies on an ActivePerl
installation. It has a very simple interface, but has many options
making it flexible. Komodo, another product from ActiveState, has a very
elegant GUI interface to PerlApp.

Downside: $$$. They have a 21 day evaluation. It comes bundled with many
other useful applications, including a Perl graphical debugger.



Disclaimer: I don't represent or have any affiliation with ActiveState.
On the other hand, I am a very satisfied customer.

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