[Israel.pm] RE: [OT] University education (Was BSc. for Jobs )

Srikanth Madani srikanth.madani at vodafone.com
Tue Feb 3 04:39:07 PST 2004

[I'm sorry to bring this up again; I'm not a member of the Hackers-IL
mailing list, and this is something I strongly identify with.]

Omer Zak wrote:
>If someone has earned an university degree, then this means that he is
>able to finish a big project, no matter what happens, no matter what are
>the obstacles on his path.

>This is because getting a degree is analogous (in a way) to doing a big
>project, dealing with all kinds of crazy difficulties, silly constraints,
>aggravatingly cold-hearted administration, clueless fellow students and
>senile professors.

Very well put, Omer.
It's sad. And now that I'm out of college, I wonder if I'll ever care enough
to try and change it.

I remember being made to prepare a whole drawing book full of pictures of
tools used in a mechanical workshop (hammers, saws, welding irons etc.) -
and I was pursuing my Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering. It was
frustrating, and it was a farce anyway, as I (along with almost all of my
contemporaries) just opened a book, and copied every single picture,
initially using a scale etc., and later freehand. I was embittered at having
to do something so soul destroying and consequently retained nothing of what
I drew. Did you know that there actually is a kind of hammer called a

"The University has very poor sort of efficiency, if one takes the
definition of the simple machine, as output over input. Here one must take
the view the Biblical God took towards Sodom and Gomorrah.....for the sake
of the few, the whole effort must be made, and it is worth it."

(It is a quote attributed to Einstein, though I couldn't find it using
Google, and have hence paraphrased it.)


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