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Eitan Schuler Eitan.schuler at exlibris.co.il
Mon Feb 2 12:44:34 PST 2004

Yes, you are right.
Anyway, I will tomorrow try to make some performance test on unix to see how
much time it takes to make massive 'push' and 'existance check' for a couple
of gigas of data.

Thank you

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On Monday 02 February 2004 21:07, Eitan Schuler wrote:
> Shlomi,
> Thank you for your quick help,
> DB_File deals with hashes very well, and easy to use.
> Just in case if anybody intersted:
>         use DB_File;
>         my $X = tie %myhash,  "DB_File", "C:\\temp\\hehe.dat",$DB_HASH or
> die "can't open file";
>         #pushing values
>         $X->put("a",3);
>         $X->put("b",4);
>         $X->put("c",7);

Actually, you can substitute these calls with:

$myhash{"a"} = 3;
$myhash{"b"} = 4;
$myhash{"c"} = 7;

>         #checking if exists
>         print "a exists in myhash\n" if $myhash{"a"};

That should be:
	print "a exists in myhash\n" if exists($myhash{"a"});

After all $myhash{a} could exist and be equal to "" or 0.

>         #Getting a value
>         $X->get("c",$value);


$value = $myhash{"c"};

Moreover, keys(), each() and friends also work on such hashes.

Not that I have anything against your code. After all, there's more than one
way to do it. But I think using the tied variable maps directly to the hash 


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I don't believe in fairies. Oops! Another fairy died.

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