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Scott Weisman sweisman at pobox.com
Sun Feb 1 03:33:37 PST 2004

This is my personal opinion, but I think there is a real obsession with
credentials here. Why else would there be separate unemployment offices for
those with or without degrees? Unemployed is unemployed, after all.

In America, it is also common to see a degree requirement, but in addition to
credentialism (which is a worldwide phenomenom, though particularly acute in
Israel), is a response to political correctness run amok. You see, some people
were offended that employers would (gasp!) test prospective employees' ability
to do the job by administering intelligence tests and the like, and various
laws and court cases now prohibit this disgusting practise (yes, I am being
sarcastic). So employers started requiring degrees as a *proxy* for a test
they could not administer themselves.

In software development it is particularly sad because, even for those with
degrees, only a very small number of programmers actually have a CS degree.

Today, it's easier to prove yourself. Release some Perl modules on CPAN, for

Good luck,


On Sun, 01 Feb 2004 10:39:45 +0200 Yuval Yaari <yuval at windax.com> wrote:

> Seems like I'm never going to get a new job.
> Why do companies insist on having BSc. ???
> I know more than just a few great programmers who don't have any degree, 
> some even didn't finish high school.
> Are comapnies flexible about this criteria?
> For the people who don't know me:
> I didn't finish high school and I've been working with perl for the last 
> 2 years (as a daily job, that is) and for a lot more than that just for 
> the fun of it.
> A worker in this company started writing a server for this company and 
> dragged it over 6 months.
> It wasn't stable (he wrote another daemon that checks if the server is 
> alive and re-ran it if it wasn't. YUCK.) and it didn't have a 10th of 
> the required features.
> In 3 months I wrote this server in Perl, from scratch, including a 
> database and a web-based administration system in HTML::Mason.
> Both the server and administration aren't very simple (I would even call 
> some features complicated).
> It works great, my company adores me for that, and everything is stable.
> I don't think the fact that I didn't finish highschool/don't have a BSc. 
> makes me a worse programmer/worker than anyone else.
> I do think that this fact will hurt my chances of getting a job.
>   --Yuval
> P.S: Sorry for being off-topic.
> Gabor Szabo wrote:
> >I have just seen a job opening at Giga
> >http://www.giga.co.il/
> >It was in the papers on the week-end so I am translating from
> >Hebrew:
> >
> >#3454
> >Perl and MySQL programmer
> >- BSc in Computer Sciences or Electronics
> >- Minimum 3 years experience in Unix, Perl, MySQL
> >
> >- Advantages: Cobol, C++
> >
> >Fax: 03-6818855
> >
> >
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