[Israel.pm] Embedding perl in a C++ program

David Rachamim David.Rachamim at ceva-dsp.com
Thu Dec 30 10:57:13 PST 2004

Thanks for your answer Gaal,
As I understand, Inline::CPP helps calling C++ functions from Perl. My
problem is that even if I can do this I still have to implement some
mechanism to communicate between the code that is running in the Perl
interpreter (even the C++ code) and the code in the main application --
What I need is a convenient way to let the Perl script be aware of the
context of the application within which it is running.
Am I missing something? -- If you meant I can use Inline::CPP in some
different way, please elaborate

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David Rachamim wrote:

> I saw that it is not too hard to embed a Perl interpreter into my
application, but I couldn't figure out how I can cause the running Perl
script to interact with the main C++ application.
> I guess this task is not trivial, but I'll appreciate any help on that
- even a reference to an application that does something similar can

Check out Inline::CPP. The glue will be taken care of for you and
you will be able to call into your app from perl code. You are
responsible for making sure your embedded perl interpreter plays
nice with the application's even loop.


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