[Israel.pm] (OT) Make file migration sanity check

Madani, Srikanth, VF-DE Srikanth.Madani at vodafone.com
Thu Dec 23 00:47:57 PST 2004

Our fellow list member Gaal Yahas wrote:

>>At a first glance, I see that there is a considerable increase in file
size of products.

>Maybe your binaries aren't being stripped in the new machine.
>Is the compiler environment different? Optimizer settings?

Bang on target - the binaries were being stripped on the new machine
(hence the size decrease as compared to the previous host), plus earlier
builds (with legacy make files) were done without using the "-g"/debug
compilation flag. (hence the size increase as compared to the earlier
builds on the same host)

And I found, by compiling and linking a Hello World C program, that
compiling with the "-g" flag followed by a strip does not restore the
object/executable to it's earlier state - at least in terms of size, at
least in this trivial case.

Thanks for the response.

Best regards,
Srikanth Madani
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