[Israel.pm] beginners oriented talk every month

david istermann interdist at gmail.com
Tue Dec 14 05:42:33 PST 2004

My 2 agorot:
Such meetings can be A Good Thing. Personally, I second option #3, I
believe that the beginners have to "להתחכך" with the experienced and
professional mongers or else they will stay in their beginnership for
a very long time. When you have immediate contact with people who know
the subject well, you get to understand it deeper and faster. And, you
have someone to explain you the complicated bits. And, you get to know
the great minds; from personal organizational experience, it is so
much harder to persuade the beginners attend the meetings of the
"profs" than when it is straight next to the lesson - they simply get
to stay (and fear not).


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