[Israel.pm] LinkedIn invitation again

Gabor Szabo gabor at perl.org.il
Tue Dec 7 07:33:23 PST 2004

Someone just told me we are getting off topic by the day
so let me add to this pile of OT messages.

For one, when I signed up with LinkedIn I promised them to send out
a number of invitations to the whole group so here it comes.

More importantly I believe that joining this group can help you in your 
professional life.

If you are an employee you might ask why would you need a business network?

I am sure you too, one day might want to look for a new job.

You might get in a position where you are looking for someone new on 
your team. I have already seen a couple of such request passing through
the system. (Both for Perl and for Python ;)

While you might not need it right now it is good if you have it ready
when you need this network. Although it is only 1 minute to join LinkedIn
it takes some time to build up a network of 30-50 people you know.

So I'd like to invite you to join the Israeli Perl Mongers Group within
LinkedIn. It already has over 30 members. In order to do that follow this
link and once you are subscribed, send me a private e-mail.



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