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Issac Goldstand margol at beamartyr.net
Sun Dec 5 05:34:06 PST 2004

At a meeting this would be great.  I'd personally be interested in hearing 
it at YAPC, but there are people who don't come all year, only to YAPC and 
get very upset when talks are OT.  Last year, I seem to remember poor Nadav 
getting flamed for a showcase talk he did on LWP, the claim being there 
wasn't enough Perl in his talk and it was more an overview of how the web 
works and what you can do with LWP than how to *use* LWP.  That scared the 
hell out of me since I was the next speaker in that room and also did a 
showcase, although I seemed to have better luck...

Maybe we can designate a track (=room) to OT lectures (like Ruby, Python, 
Apache, anything else which we like but isn't strictly Perl)?


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> I just got in touch with Liraz Siri who writes:
>> I've been programming Perl for about 9 years now, and was a huge
>> fan of Perl and Larry Wall up until maybe 4 years.
>> Then I saw the light.
>> Using Perl nowadays for any script over 100 lines is a crime.
>> Why use Perl when there's Python?
>> I admit I still use Perl occasionally, but I feel guilty afterwards.
>> Programming Perl is a SIN!
>> I'd like to come over and do a presentation about that, if you'll
>> accept an ex-Perl devotee, now a Python zealot.
> Shall we invite Liraz to give a talk on one of the meetings ?
> To YAPC::Israel::2005 ?
> Gabor
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