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You can use backrefernces:

$var1 = "lksdjvhhgaeifgas;dfjnafb";
$var2 = "dlsjfhgq30874riwufh;wdofia";
$var3 = "jsg55555dsbafoiewury20348r7y2-3495";

# Using backreferences
print 1 if $var1 =~ /(\w)\1{4}/;
print 2 if $var2 =~ /(\w)\1{4}/;
print 3 if $var3 =~ /(\w)\1{4}/;

You can change the quantifier as you wish.


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I need to read a text file line by line and check every line if it has 5 same chars together in it.

if the file looks like this


only line 3 will be printed

is there a fast way using pattern match to do it?

Yehuda Ernst
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