[Israel.pm] Perl Hebrew Tutorial - Second Edition

Semuel Fomberg semuel at semuel.co.il
Wed Dec 1 14:34:05 PST 2004

Hello There.

Well, nobody wants to help? (except for Shlomo that promised to)
You can find the pdf file for download at:
(It's also on the perlhebtut page, marked as beta)

What do I need for it's completion:
1. Someone to glance over the license, and correct it if it's wrong.
(chapter 1.5)
2. Shlomo - the Hebrew chapter needs serious help. First, see if I'm not
writing nonsense, and I need a sample program.
3. On the first Appendix, I need nice and short examples. (and please
check that my examples are valid ones)
4. I need a short explanation about the differences between the versions
of perl. Starting from 5.004, to 5.6, 5.8 and also 5.10 and 6. (chapter
5. No more spelling corrections. I had enough.
That's it. After these are fixed, I'll release it.
Thanks for any help that will come.

Semuel Fomberg.
    On a brand new IBM ThinkPad R51. YaY! ^^

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