[Israel.pm] character semantics

Shlomo Yona shlomo at cs.haifa.ac.il
Mon Aug 30 05:41:57 PDT 2004


'perldoc perlunicode' lists several character classes, for

                Short       Long

                L           Letter
                Lu          UppercaseLetter
                Ll          LowercaseLetter
                Lt          TitlecaseLetter
                Lm          ModifierLetter
                Lo          OtherLetter

                M           Mark
                Mn          NonspacingMark
                Mc          SpacingMark
                Me          EnclosingMark

                N           Number
                Nd          DecimalNumber
                Nl          LetterNumber
                No          OtherNumber

                P           Punctuation
                Pc          ConnectorPunctuation
                Pd          DashPunctuation
                Ps          OpenPunctuation
                Pe          ClosePunctuation
                Pi          InitialPunctuation
                            (may behave like Ps or Pe depending on usage)
                Pf          FinalPunctuation
                            (may behave like Ps or Pe depending on usage)
                Po          OtherPunctuation

                S           Symbol
                Sm          MathSymbol
                Sc          CurrencySymbol
                Sk          ModifierSymbol
                So          OtherSymbol

                Z           Separator
                Zs          SpaceSeparator
                Zl          LineSeparator
                Zp          ParagraphSeparator

                C           Other
                Cc          Control
                Cf          Format
                Cs          Surrogate   (not usable)
                Co          PrivateUse
                Cn          Unassigned

Where are the actual characters being listed?
I mean -- how can I know which characters make up

Shlomo Yona
shlomo at cs.haifa.ac.il

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