[Israel.pm] Permission for system command

Webmaster @ SOI webmaster at secured.org.il
Sat Aug 28 06:49:20 PDT 2004


I'm trying to run the following scripts:

1. User sends data with browser to php (under apache)
2. Php script activate perl script
3. Perl script create some file with data and activate the system()

Part one and two are OK
Part three works for the file creation but not for the system command
The system command should  activate a binary with some parameters (I've
also tried to test the system command with a simple bash script or ls
but no results)

All scripts works from the CLI.

Now, since the perl script is activated from PHP with user nobody
I guess it's a matter of permission for the perl script to execute
system() command

Any one has an idea how to solve it ?

Any help will be more than welcome



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