[Israel.pm] multi move script

Martha Greenberg marthag at MIT.EDU
Mon Aug 23 01:49:13 PDT 2004

At 20:12 22/08/2004 +0300, Shlomi Bakish wrote:
>Does anyone have or know of a script that enables doing mv with 
>wildcards  in unix (similar to dos move) ?
>I'm sure someone already wrote it before, as this is a very useful 
>command, and I was very supprised to see
>that unix don't support what dos supported for years before.
>for example :
>mv    try_*.txt    work_*.txt
>thanks !


usage: mvr [-n|-i] [-u|-l] RE replacement file ...

         File rename utility, where `RE' is substituted by `replacement'
         in each file name, sed(1) style.  Asks before each file to be
         renamed.  Reports back on files that did not match the RE conditions.
         Beware that both strings (`RE' and `replacement') may need to be
         Options are:  -n  don't ask, just log to standard output
                       -i  ask for each file to be renamed (the default)
                       -u  make filenames uppercase
                       -l  make filenames lowercase

Martha Greenberg
marthag at mit.edu

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