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Moshe Kaminsky kaminsky at math.huji.ac.il
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* Shlomi Bakish <shlomi at il.marvell.com> [22/08/04 20:28]:
> Does anyone have or know of a script that enables doing mv with 
> wildcards  in unix (similar to dos move) ?
> I'm sure someone already wrote it before, as this is a very useful 
> command, and I was very supprised to see
> that unix don't support what dos supported for years before.
> for example :
> mv    try_*.txt    work_*.txt

If you are using zsh, you can do

zmv 'try_(*).txt' 'work_$1.txt'

(You will have to autoload it first). Search for zmv in zshcontrib(1).

> thanks !
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