[Israel.pm] Trying to Postpone my Class::DBI Lecture!

Yuval Yaari yuval at windax.com
Sun Aug 15 04:30:55 PDT 2004


I'm not sure what the problem is (my server, the list, whatever) but my
e-mail didn't get to the list.
I hope this one gets through, because it's urgent!

I am looking for someone to replace me for this week's lecture.
I know this is a REALLY late notice and I'm very sorry, but something
urgent popped up and I tried informing you guys as soon as I knew about

If no one will be able to replace me I will try postponing that "other
thing" but I'm not sure I'll be able to.

I am really sorry -- I wish it was only up to me.

I am also really sorry for not being as active on the list as I used to
be, there's a lot going on currently (personal stuff + I started a new
I hope I will soon have more time to go back to mastering the art of Perl
(which is what I always wanted to do) :)

  --Yuval Yaari
P.S: I will try giving "Practical mod_perl" to someone who will go to the
meeting on Thursday.

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