[Israel.pm] Re: Hebrew Perl Tutorial

roiem at actcom.co.il roiem at actcom.co.il
Mon Aug 2 11:08:53 PDT 2004

> 2. On 2.3 you write that semicolon signifies end of line/command exactly 
> like C. This is wrong since it signifies a seperator between commands. 

Sorry, but I think the tutorial got it right:
(From "perldoc perlsyn")
Every simple statement must be terminated with a semicolon, unless it is
the final statement in a block, in which case the semicolon is optional.

Generally, my understanding is that the semicolon does work just like in
C, but as a special case it is optional before the ending brace. I can't
say that the behaviour isn't the same as what you said (i.e., Pascal's
behaviour), but that's the definition.

- Roie

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