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Ernst, Yehuda yernst at ndsisrael.com
Sun Aug 1 01:42:22 PDT 2004


I need to find a text inside 2 characters is there a way to do it fast in perl


346kjfh sdf -=-23 we >skjfh87jkfh4389  jkhwe8987<

i need the txt inside the >  < so the answer will be
skjfh87jkfh4389  jkhwe8987

also if i want the pattern match to ignore what do i do>

example :

sjh 517(lsls-sdff-sdfd-sf  ihee)

i want to get the text inside the () and i want to ignore  the - and the space

last one i need to read a line inside a string do i have a way to do substr until end of line?

Yehuda Ernst          

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