[Israel.pm] Puttting the Lecture Slides Online

Shlomi Fish shlomif at iglu.org.il
Thu Apr 29 07:23:13 PDT 2004

On Thursday 29 April 2004 13:37, Shlomo Yona wrote:
> On Thu, 29 Apr 2004, Shlomi Fish wrote:
> > Hi all!
> >
> > Why are so few of the lectures that were given as part of Israel.PM are
> > online at present? People who gave past lectures should now make sure to
> > send their slides or links to them to Gabor so he can put them online.
> I think all or most lecturers actually do send a URL or the
> slides to Gabor.

Are you sure about that? Have you verified the correctness of this claim with 

> Problem is, Gabor is usually very busy doing his own
> business (I was also surprised to learn he has a life and a
> career beyond israel.pm... :-)).
> Perhaps someone (how about you, Shlomi?) can take the time
> and collect all past lectures, or URLs to them, orginize
> them nicely chronologically and/or by topic and make up a
> nice set of HTML pages which Gabor can then easily add to
> perl.org.il.

The best way to do it would be to link to them from the meeting pages 
themselves. The problem is that the HTML pages are generated from several 
source files. While I can fetch the resultant HTML files, I don't have access 
to the sources, so Gabor can easily integrate it into the site.

If Gabor is indeed the bottleneck, then we need to find a way to have access 
to the sources, before we can actually help him. Once that happens, I am 
willing to collect the information and do the work.


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