[Israel.pm] mod_perl question: Ending an apache request with an OK status inside a PerlFixupHandler?

Yuval Yaari yuval at windax.com
Wed Apr 28 12:07:33 PDT 2004

Pinkhas Nisanov said:
>> In the end of that subroutine, I return Apache::Constants::OK();
> you need to return constant 'DONE', not 'OK'

Ok, even though it is pathetic, I ssh-ed to work and tried it.
It works - thanks a lot!

I actually tried using DONE earlier but I didn't write: "return
report_error" (I just called "report_error"), which is a stupid mistake.
I was reading the perldoc for Apache::Constants and DONE seemed like what
I was looking for.
Because of the stupid mistake I made, I thought it doesn't work.

I'm still looking for a way, if one exists, to return the status (finish
the handler) from within that subroutine.
Again, this is really not important for me...
But it's always good to learn new things!


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