[Israel.pm] Perl version migration

David Baird david.baird at homemail.com
Sun Apr 25 05:10:35 PDT 2004

Jason Elbaum wrote:
> We've been considering upgrading our default version of Perl 
> from 5.004, which we've been using for years, to 5.6 or even 5.8. 
> We're naturally concerned that this may cause unexpected problems
> with our in-house scripts, of which there are many. 

You should definitely pay attention to the release notes (RELEASE.html)
of whatever version you choose to migrate to. Perl 5.8 is a better
choice, if there are no language issues. Perl 5.8 is very compatible
with Perl 5.6 on the language side, so whatever problems you encounter
with one, you are most likely to encounter with the other. On the module
level, Perl 5.8 has a changed XS. You have to rebuild any modules you
may have written, and you may find more problems with 5.8 if an XS
function you liked no longer exists (sv_setpviv() comes to mind).


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