[Israel.pm] perl/tk warnings

Offer Kaye oferk at oren.co.il
Tue Apr 20 06:16:24 PDT 2004

> >
>  >> I tried, it's the same. Did you run the code and get the error ?

No, I don't have Tk installed here, so I can't try out this code. Anyway I'm
not really experienced in Perl/Tk, so if no one with more knowledge answers
you on this list then I suggest you do what I said earlier and try a Perl/Tk
specific venue.

>  >> I realy try to use correct indentation, but I'm sometimes too lazy...
> In general I realize my codes are not 'proffesional', I am not a
> programmer, I'm an electrical engineer, I just use scripts to help get
> the work done faster and better,
> and because I'm doing it at my 'free' time, I work "quick and dirty"
> style - if it does the job - I'm happy :)
> But thanks a lot for your comments, I'll try to behave...

I'm not a programmer either, but I think if you are writing anything other
than a very small use-once-and-throw-away script, you will be doing yourself
and others a very big favour if you make sure not to write sloppy code.
After all, you could write Verilog code that "just works", but you follow
company guidelines when writing it, right? Like not writing more than one
wire declaration per line, etc. (I assume... :-)
Your Perl programs should not be any different. In this case, a GUI, it
doesn't look like a "use-once script", so you should put the same effort
into it as if you were writing a Verilog testbench. As for doing it in your
'free' time, I don't know about you, but my productivity has increased
*becuase* I learned Perl and use it everyday, so it makes sense to invest
time in it -- I consider such time well spent, since I get it all back with
interest when it saves me time doing my "actual" work.

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