[Israel.pm] perl/tk warnings

Offer Kaye oferk at oren.co.il
Tue Apr 20 00:47:03 PDT 2004

>   Hi
> I am new here, I work with perl and perl/tk, I estimate my knowledge as
> not so great as compared to most of you.

Don't be so sure... :)

> I hope I can get some help with perl/tk (running in hp-ux, but also
> solaris).
> I have a gui application that let's you select files from a list, then
> open a new window with a notebook widget, where
> each file you selected gets a separate page, and some data from that
> file is displayed in it.
> During the opening of the notebook pages I get these message (even
> without -w switch, one line per file:
> Loosing Tk::Frame=HASH(0x40536918)

Beats me... could be a bug in Tk::Frame? If no one else answers, try
emailing a Perl/Tk specific mailing list or news group, or perhaps the
author of the module.

> Now, on the opened window I placed an exit button, when I press it, the
> application ends, but I get this :
> page <last page name> does not exist at app.pl line 303

You're trying to access something which doesn't exist. Bad boy! ;-)
Perhaps it is some sort of out-of-bounds error (since you say you get the
last page name in the message)? Check your variables and make sure you
aren't trying to access something which doesn't exist. I'm sorry, but
without seeing the code I can't be any more specific.

> any ideas ?
> If you need, I can quote some of the code, just tell me what you need to
> see.
> Thanks
>   Shlomi

Offer Kaye

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