[Israel.pm] another talk, maypole

Yuval Yaari yuval at windax.com
Sun Apr 18 10:02:53 PDT 2004

I hoped it was old news...
On 24/03/04 Scott Weisman wrote to this list about it... Which doesn't 
make it really old, but people should have checked it out :)
And hopefully people did hear about Apache::MVC...

I haven't written anything with Maypole, but I am planning to write 
something up.
I was thinking about CoffeeDB - like Simon's BeerDB.
I will rank blends and companies. In coffee you also have companies 
making special blends for some coffee places, so I should also keep 
track of that.

As for CDBI, I am no CDBI expert but I will write a lecture.
Let me know as soon as you know when you'd like to present this lecture.
If I won't have enough time to write it by that time, I'll present it 
one month later.
As you can see I'm still at work in such hours (promising my girlfriend 
it's the last time everytime again... oh well...) but I'd find time to 
write about it.

Ok it's really time to leave the office and stop reading mailing lists...


Gaal Yahas wrote:

>Maypole gathers all these nifty but disparate technologies together: the
>magic I was talking about comes from a combination of Class::DBI::Loader,
>Class::DBI::Loader::Relationship, and Class::DBI::AsForm, the latter two
>of which havng been written by Simon Cozens. I just sent in a patch today
>to CDBI::AsForm to make it magically handle enums where supported (mysql),
>too. Simon was asking about many-to-many in the lists in propagation to
>something I asked him on the maypole list :)
>Anyway, I'm glad you're familiar with all this, but I don't know that
>it's old news to most of us. There is a learning cost.
>I don't know if I'll cover "enough" of CDBI. My plan is to get people
>to know this module exists and to make it easier for them to start
>using it than it was for me. The idea is not to produce CDBI experts;
>I'm certainly not one myself.
>But if you are, how's this idea: I'll give *my* talk as the preface,
>and then you can delve into the details! :)

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