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Gaal Yahas gaal at forum2.org
Sun Apr 18 09:37:58 PDT 2004

Maypole gathers all these nifty but disparate technologies together: the
magic I was talking about comes from a combination of Class::DBI::Loader,
Class::DBI::Loader::Relationship, and Class::DBI::AsForm, the latter two
of which havng been written by Simon Cozens. I just sent in a patch today
to CDBI::AsForm to make it magically handle enums where supported (mysql),
too. Simon was asking about many-to-many in the lists in propagation to
something I asked him on the maypole list :)

Anyway, I'm glad you're familiar with all this, but I don't know that
it's old news to most of us. There is a learning cost.

I don't know if I'll cover "enough" of CDBI. My plan is to get people
to know this module exists and to make it easier for them to start
using it than it was for me. The idea is not to produce CDBI experts;
I'm certainly not one myself.

But if you are, how's this idea: I'll give *my* talk as the preface,
and then you can delve into the details! :)

On Sun, Apr 18, 2004 at 06:12:11PM +0300, Yuval Yaari wrote:
> Gaal,
> I hope Maypole is old news to most of us.
> As for the grant, take a look at:
> http://use.perl.org/articles/04/03/31/022201.shtml?tid=37
> "Magic" has_a/has_many (currently Simon's asking about nifty many to 
> many features in Class::DBI's mailing list) relationships come from 
> Class::DBI.
> I highly recommend this module (Ran, don't kill me) and it has been 
> saving me a lot of problems/time/hair (even though I hope I'm too young 
> to lose hair).
> The Maypole BeerDB sample might interest people :)
> If you don't plan on covering enough of Class::DBI, I might be able to 
> prepare a Class::DBI lecture as a preface.
> By the way, the new Class::DBI (0.96 - soon in the CPAN repository near 
> you) has cool features like subclassing relationship classes, etc.
> Anyway, it really deserves your "wow".
>  --Yuval
> Gaal Yahas wrote:
> >Gabor, all,
> >
> >Check out Maypole at <http://maypole.simon-cozens.org/>. It's a delightful
> >new toy for database-backended web based applications with *very*
> >little code. The cons? Takes a while to figure out, still under heavy
> >fdevelopment, and relies on millions of small modules that are also in
> >development. The lead for this project is Simon Cozens, working at the
> >moment under a grant from the Perl Foundation.
> >
> >I'd be happy to give a talk (with live demo) on this in one of the
> >meetings. Topics include setting this up quickly ("learn from my
> >mistakes"), how cool it is ("magic has-a relationships? wow!") and other
> >stuff I can think of once I know how much time I'm given to speak :)
> > 
> >
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