[Israel.pm] another talk, maypole

Yuval Yaari yuval at windax.com
Sun Apr 18 08:12:11 PDT 2004


I hope Maypole is old news to most of us.
As for the grant, take a look at:

"Magic" has_a/has_many (currently Simon's asking about nifty many to 
many features in Class::DBI's mailing list) relationships come from 
I highly recommend this module (Ran, don't kill me) and it has been 
saving me a lot of problems/time/hair (even though I hope I'm too young 
to lose hair).

The Maypole BeerDB sample might interest people :)

If you don't plan on covering enough of Class::DBI, I might be able to 
prepare a Class::DBI lecture as a preface.

By the way, the new Class::DBI (0.96 - soon in the CPAN repository near 
you) has cool features like subclassing relationship classes, etc.

Anyway, it really deserves your "wow".


Gaal Yahas wrote:

>Gabor, all,
>Check out Maypole at <http://maypole.simon-cozens.org/>. It's a delightful
>new toy for database-backended web based applications with *very*
>little code. The cons? Takes a while to figure out, still under heavy
>fdevelopment, and relies on millions of small modules that are also in
>development. The lead for this project is Simon Cozens, working at the
>moment under a grant from the Perl Foundation.
>I'd be happy to give a talk (with live demo) on this in one of the
>meetings. Topics include setting this up quickly ("learn from my
>mistakes"), how cool it is ("magic has-a relationships? wow!") and other
>stuff I can think of once I know how much time I'm given to speak :)

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