[Israel.pm] New perl Module - Number::Phone::IL::NewCell

Oded S. Resnik oded at raz.co.il
Fri Apr 16 10:50:47 PDT 2004

The following module was proposed for inclusion in the Module List:

  modid:       Number::Phone::IL::NewCell
  DSLIP:       RdpOp
  description: Convet New cellular phone numbers in Israel
  userid:      RAZINF (Oded S. Resnik)
  chapterid:   11 (String_Lang_Text_Proc)
    perl at perl.org.il



    There is a need to change cellular phone numbers in many text files
    and databases as wel as web sites. This is an urgent need as the is
    a major change of prefixes at the end of APRIL 2004.

    This mudule and its sample programs are inteded for novice users.
    The mudule is publised to help advocate use of PERL.

  enteredby:   RAZINF (Oded S. Resnik)
  enteredon:   Fri Apr 16 17:47:58 2004 GMT

The resulting entry would be:

::NewCell         RdpOp Convet New cellular phone numbers in Israel  RAZINF

Dr. Oded S. Resnik
RAZ Information Systems LTD http://www.raz.co.il/
Phone +972-3-5233164 Fax +972-3-5245712

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