[Israel.pm] POD - Perl Open Day

David Baird david.baird at homemail.com
Wed Apr 14 01:54:41 PDT 2004

> For this event we would like to invite a limited number of
> QA managers with no, or very little background in Perl from
> companies that don't use Perl at all or use it in a very
> partial way.
> We will try to empower these QA professionals with enough
> information and knowledge so they can decide by them self if it
> is worth to follow this path. After the session they will
> know how can they use Perl and other Open Source technologies
> for automating Quality Assurance in their own company.

While we have been using Perl in our system conformance groups for many
years, we are always striving to improve. Most of our Perl coders follow
very basic coding practices and piecemeal together scripts inside
templates within a testing framework. I consider this the basis of our
success, a good test automation framework.

I am currently researching STAF (SW Test Automation Framework) for our
own use, to possibly supplant our home grown test framework. Will you be
covering the topic of test frameworks, if so what will you be


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