[Israel.pm] Pesach cleanup

Yuval Yaari yuval at windax.com
Tue Apr 13 07:29:29 PDT 2004

I wanted to install SA on my qmail/vpopmail/courier-imap/squirrelmail 
To be honest, I didn't find a way to let users choose if they'd like 
spam protection.
I think there are plugins for squirrelmail that interact with 
SpamAssassin, but I didn't take a look at them yet...
But now I will :)

I don't get as much spam as you do, by the way.
On one mailbox that I own, which is not on my server, I get tons of it.

Do you know some tools that connect to POP3 servers and clean spam 
(especially ones written in Perl)?

I've seen some nice (non-free) tools for Outlook/Outlook Express that 
get accurate after around 2-3 days of "learning".
My Mozilla Mail "Junk Mail" feature is really bad, anyway.

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