[Israel.pm] POD - Perl Open Day

Gabor Szabo gabor at perl.org.il
Tue Apr 13 09:56:29 PDT 2004

In order to increase the use of Perl in companies and to improve
software quality in general Ran Eilam and I have decided to organise
a Perl Open Day dealing with Quality Assurance.

For this event we would like to invite a limited number of
QA managers with no, or very little background in Perl from
companies that don't use Perl at all or use it in a very
partial way.

We will try to empower these QA professionals with enough
information and knowledge so they can decide by them self if it
is worth to follow this path. After the session they will
know how can they use Perl and other Open Source technologies
for automating Quality Assurance in their own company.

The event will take place on Tuesday, 2004.05.18 in the morning hours.
For more details you can visit


or contact me by e-mail:    Gabor Szabo <gabor at pti.co.il>
or by phone:                054-624648

While I think most of the people on the Perl Monger list know just
too much Perl for such sessions I hope you can help us finding the
right person in your organisation (QA managers, CTOs, R&D managers)
whom will be interested in such session. Please forward this message
to that person.

   Gabor Szabo

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