[Israel.pm] Perl Graphics - GD.pm

Srikanth Madani srikanth.madani at vodafone.com
Thu Apr 8 02:57:07 PDT 2004

Thanks Ofer and Yuval.

>1. Point out the README vs. Makefile.PL inconsistancy as a bug to the GD
>author. Perhaps the required version in the Makefile.PL could be downgraded
>to the same version as that required by the GD module itself

Ok, I'll do so.

>2. Upgrade your Perl
I would love to get the Sys Admin. guys to do this. The first question that
my manager will ask me is:
"Are you really sure that our legacy Perl code will continue to run
correctly on this new version of Perl?"

I think that there must be backward compatibility - at least within Perl 5,

Also - which version of Perl do you recommend we should upgrade to?

Thirdly, I need to give some sound reasons - is there a Perl advocacy page
somewhere which has the advantages of upgrading within Perl 5?

Srikanth Madani
perl -e'$_="87 69S69E75C69S78 68A32W73A83Y32!";($p,$i,$n,$k

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